Reliable systems of elevation and horizontal movement tailored to the needs of the entertainment and architectural industries

Kinetic Architecture: Move a wall? A floor? A ceiling? The bottom of a swimming pool? Modify the existing configuration of a concert hall or stadium? SERAPID has the know-how and the experience to bring your project to life through aesthetic and efficient solutions.
Elevators: SERAPID designs a whole range of lifting systems for non-standard and specialist elevators. Our Rigid Chain Technology (RCT) is a true alternative to hydraulics, and is ideal for innovative and ambitious architecture such as: car lifts, truck lifts, freight elevators; custom systems to meet the needs of private and collective urban planning.

The creator of Rigid Chain Technology (RCT), SERAPID has been meeting the needs of professionals for 45 years.
Based on this original product, SERAPID solutions adapt to your specific environment and constraints. They take into account the standards to comply with noise, speed and vibration imperatives. SERAPID is continues to reduce the sound levels in its technology.
Show venues, operas and theatres, cruise ships, multi-function spaces, museums, shopping malls, congress centres, universities; today over 1000 sites are equipped with the SERAPID LinkLift solution.


actuators for vertical load transfer

actuators for horizontal load transfer

actuators for horizontal/vertical load transfer

non-magnetic mechanical actuator