Car, Truck
and Goods Lifts

We offer a complete range of SERAPID Car, Truck and Goods lifts powered by our unique Rigid Chain Technology (RCT).
RCT provides key advantages over traditional technologies; it is a robust solution, which delivers unrivalled reliability and requires minimal maintenance.

Complete, ready-made lifts

All SERAPID Lift Systems are constructed using high-end components and comply with EN81-20, 21, 31, 41 and 50. Lifts are available with a wide variety of finishes, doors and control options to deliver performance and style to suit every application.
Beyond the supply of standard lifts, SERAPID routinely works with architects, consultants and clients to provide bespoke solutions to overcome any constraint and match any architectural specification. Modernisation, replacement of existing systems or retrofitting is possible with a SERAPID system.
SERAPID Lift Systems are engineered with advanced technology, created using the finest quality of craftsmanship, finished to the highest standards using an extensive range of options to provide uncompromising excellence.


With SERAPID rich selection of surface materials, interior cabin designs, door types and controls, you will be able to adapt your lift system down to the smallest detail.

SERAPID maintains partnerships with leading suppliers of lift controls. These are supplemented with individual control elements produced by a specialised supplier.
We also supply car and landing doors from many manufacturers. Possibilities are practically unlimited.