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In our offer you will find solutions based on rigid chain technology dedicated to applications in various industries. These include quick die exchange systems (QDX) as well as numerous press components and electric actuators. Thanks to the SERAPID technology, it is possible to improve production by radically shortening the press retooling time and increasing productivity and work safety.

Our solutions meet the needs of professionals in industry in the two following activities:

• the horizontal and vertical transfer of loads
• quick die changes for presses and “non-cutting shaping” machines

QDX - Quick Die eXchange

Production variety and just-in-time manufacturing make die change a critical factor for the entire press operation. Smaller production runs can be less efficient, as more frequent retooling increases downtime. Frequent change also increases both the
risk of operator injury and damage to the tools.
With the QDX program, you will improve your performance by drastically reducing downtime and increasing the overall efficiency of your equipment.

For a complete quick die change solution, SERAPID has also designed a large range of tool transfer equipment ranging from fork lift trucks to automated rail mounted
carts. They reduce transit and handling times between the storage area and the production area. SERAPID standard solutions include:

• the PPS series – Push Pull System – push / pull – fixed or removable mounted on presses
• the TPCH – TPCH series – Horizontal Loading Positioning Table – fork lift truck accessories, adding a mechanised die loading system to any existing fork lift truck
• the GPO series – Die Carrier and Stackerpedestrian controlled stacker or driver controlled truck

Ready machines

SERAPID GPO Truck series stackers increase your efficiency, your safety, your reliability in the press environment and generally in all workplace areas in which heavy loads need to be transferred carefully and precisely. A GPO stacker also saves you time and money.
A set of safety systems controls the GPO positioning and keeps pushing forces within the nominal limits. This is to guarantee die positioning and transfer performance if safety conditions are met.
The smallest GPO Truck handles a 500 kg load, the biggest a 20 tonne load and beyond this weight on demand. All the stackers use lifting mast technology except for the biggest model, which uses a scissor mechanism that supports the load at the centre of gravity. This also makes it possible to handle heavy wide loads.

serapid gpo

Electric actuators

The electric actuator line is suitable for small loads and short cycles. Its small cross section, wide stroke range and high power make it possible to push or pull loads in highly varied environments and for multiple applications.
The actuator case is made of anodised aluminium. The rods are available in aluminium or stainless steel. This actuator is electrically operated and meets standard safety requirements. The actuator is delivered with its motor and adapted electronics.

Press components

In our offer you will find a wide range of press components. We divide these components into groups depending on their application. Basically, press components are used for: positioning and clamping the tool.