technika sceniczna

Reliable systems of elevation and horizontal movement tailored to the needs of the entertainment industries

Today’s high expectations for live performance and presentation creates the demand for modular and multi-purpose venues. Whether for a new or renovated venue, moving scenery, raising platforms, stages, configuring audience seating, transporting equipment via service or truck elevator; all require an elevation and load moving system that combines flexibility, safety, reliability and durability.

For theatres, opera halls, concert halls, museums, universities, congress centres, hotels, cultural centres or shopping malls, SERAPID has the solution to all horizontal or vertical movement and stage modularity requirements.

For your stage machinery, we take into account your functional requirements and the architectural constraints of the venue.
Our team will accompany you to provide the best vertical platform movement and horizontal scenery cart solutions.
The different applications below demonstrate the extent of SERAPID technology possibilities.

QXS (Quick Seat Xchange)
Venue transformation concept

Imagine a function space so adaptable it can transform – at the push of button – between an open conference centre space to a multi layout auditorium, with rows of seats facing at the exact angle suited to the event, and each seat individually programmed with air conditioning.
That’s exactly what SERAPID was asked to design and develop for the Foundation Louis Vuitton museum and cultural center, a challenge SERAPID couldn’t wait to meet.
The client required a fully flexible venue, a multifunctional space for art and culture that was modern, contemporary and versatile. The result? A whole new venue transformation system called QSX. Using the highly reliable LinkLift technology combined with a rotational movement solution hidden beneath the flooring, the venue can transform from a flat timber floor to variable raised rows of seats in just a matter of minutes. With an air conditioning system embedded into each seat, the venue is not only truly adaptable, but state of the art as well.
Since this project, SERAPID has developed the system further, taking the concept of configurable hall systems to a whole new level. Not only is it possible to transform an empty room into a multi-purpose seated auditorium, SERAPID’s QSX can also change seat row configurations from straight to angled and even curved layouts. The universally patented system is innovation at its very best.

Telescopic stands
A simple, effective, reliable and modular system for extendable grandstands

With our telescopic stands, a room can be equipped very quickly with comfortable seating. They are specially designed for sports and event halls.
The SERAPID linear telescopic actuator is perfectly suited to telescopic stand design. Thanks to SERAPID Rigid Chain Technology, the stand can be deployed smoothly and in a perfectly linear fashion. Once the stand has been folded away, the stored chain only occupies the minimum space, leaving the area completely clear for other events.
Protected flooring
The push/pull system is completely self-supporting. The structural load is distributed along the entire width, and only the cart wheels are in contact with the flooring, thus avoiding any marking or deterioration.
Accuracy and stability
Since the chain does not run on the ground, a completely linear and precise movement is ensured. The chain is completely stable.

Silent Chain Theater (SCT)
Push/Pull : scenery movement

You work in a prestigious place or in harsh environment? You need a long/ fast stroke, extremely low noise levels solution and have little installation footprint ? Rigid Chain Technology could be the solution thanks to our Silent Chain Theater (SCT) range specifically developed for the entertainment industry. This travel system makes it possible to move stage wagons quickly and very quietly.
SERAPID offers with its Rigid Chain products compact, telescopic, easy-to-install and environmentally friendly transfer solution.
SERAPID linear actuators bring reliability, a very low level of noise thanks to its low friction materials, all with little maintenance.
Based on simple mechanics and supported by our 45 years of experience, the SERAPID Rigid Chain push/pull systems meets your needs, whether you have to design:

• transfers with very low sound level allowing their use during performances
• fast stoke actuators
• robust linear actuators
• non hydraulic systems