SERAPID – the developer and manufacturer of the original Rigid Chain, designs and manufactures telescopic mechanical actuators for the horizontal and vertical movement of heavy loads. At SERAPID, we have been meeting the needs of industrial professionals for 45 years with a combination of manufacturing quality, technical know-how, innovation and creative talent.
We offer a wide range of products and tailor-made solutions for solving complex elevation and load transfer problems. Choosing Rigid Chain Technology means adding significant value to your projects in terms of performance and reliability.
SERAPID serves two principal markets; building and industry.

Founding year


Location of companies’ headquarters
Rouxmesnil-Bouteilles, France

Annual sales
30 million Euro

What is the Rigid Chain Technology?


Simple and flexible technology

SERAPID has been working in the field of linear movement equipment for over 45 years. The SERAPID elevation and transfer systems are designed using a simple mechanical principle making it possible to transfer loads of a few kilograms to several hundred tonnes using rigid chain technology (RCT).
This technology is based on the locking of links to each other. When the chain is deployed it behaves like a true rigid pushing bar. In the other direction, the chain unlocks in the drive casing and stores in a reduced space.

The advantages

The SERAPID rigid chain mechanical jack is a true alternative to traditional mechanical and hydraulic solutions providing many advantages:

  • telescopic mechanical jack
  • simple mechanics, low maintenance
  • precision, incompressible system, repeatability
  • adapts to temperature, humidity, chemical aggression and dust constraints
  • high load capacity from a few kilograms to several hundred tonnes
  • high stroke capacity
  • fluid movements with very little vibration
  • low sound levels
  • environmentally friendly solution: no pressurised oil, energy efficiency
  • compact, low space occupation
  • easy to install or integrate, simple synchronisation.


Lift system for heavy loads

The LinkLift is an electromechanical telescopic actuator specifically designed for the vertical movement of heavy loads using rigid chain technology. The LinkLift is suitable for lifting heavy loads in industry, scenery equipment, and for the movement of structural elements in the construction industry.

The technology

worldwide patent / TÜV certification / DIN 56950 compliant / ISO 9000 certified

The LinkLift is essentially composed of a chain driven from its horizontal storage position to its vertical operational position. This chain has special links: they are block shaped and have a square cross section. They are designed so that their centre of gravity is always their geometrical centre.
The vertical guides inside the drive casing support the links and make sure they are correctly aligned and locked. The lifting system uses a load guiding system requiring it to be mounted, either on the wall, or fitted with a scissor lifting table. Brakes are used to hold the system in place.
As a chain, LinkLift is also capable of keeping the load under traction. This is especially advantageous when the system is subjected to external dynamic loads, for example on cruise ships or in earthquake risk areas. The platform is always firmly held on the ground. An eccentric load that is moved on a platform will never impact the system’s stability during its operation.
In our standard magazines, the chain is stored on two levels. Low profile magazines are also available with a single line and special configurations.


• Silence : 45 dBA at 50 mm/sec. Combined with silent motorisation, this advantage makes it possible to carry out transfers during a show with very low noise constraints.
• Accuracy : Link cheeks are manufactured to 1/100th mm thanks to fine cutting technology, extensively used in the automotive industry. This accuracy guarantees positioning to the millimetre.
• Speed : from 0 to 300 mm/sec. Beyond this value, please contact us.
• Low maintenance : LinkLift’s simple mechanical design makes it a reliable system that needs only little maintenance.
• Reliability : The chain/link sequence cannot be deformed. The system has a minimum of slowly rotating parts. When installed in compliance with recommended alignments, commissioning requires no specific training.
• Safety : The chain can exert a pushing force as well as a dynamic pulling force, this guarantees the movement whatever the flexibility and positioning of the loads on the platform. In the event of an accidental manual impact, the quality of the steels used and their thickness will prevent the components from warping. Under normal operating conditions, the chain is unlockable.


The most current uses in the events industry are for orchestral platforms or stages, and lifting tables to create modular areas (theatre environment, auditoriums, concert halls, opera houses, cruise ships, etc.), service lifts and truck lifts.
In the world of architecture, the LinkLift makes it possible to vertically move structural elements, window bays, walls, roofs or stadium seating and is also used in automatic parking systems.
In the industry sector, on production sites and factories, the LinkLift is used to raise work platforms, precision elevator platforms, service lifts and truck lifts, and benefits from specific treatments adapted to the constraints of these uses.

What is LinearBeam?


The LinearBeam mechanical linear actuator is a product that uses SERAPID Rigid Chain Technology. It is similar to a single part beam, composed of a drive casing, an active chain guide in the upper part, a magazine chain guide in the lower part, and a rigid chain. The compact and powerful LinearBeam linear actuator is designed to move heavy loads over long strokes. It is easy to build into your machines and civil engineering.
The base system can be completed by a wide range of options and accessories in order offer a product that fully meets your needs.

Specifications and benefits

• Horizontal, vertical or oblique transfer movement
• Stroke: 1 metre minimum, with no maximum limit
• Load: from 1 kN to more than 160 kN
• ATEX category II 2GD c T4 certification
• A simple and robust design guaranteeing a long service life and use in difficult environments where other technology cannot be used (Clean room, dust, temperature, humidity, radiation, chemical aggression, etc.)
• Highly compact single block beam concept offering easy installation in existing environments, machines or buildings.
• Standard speed up to 300 mm/sec. Beyond this value, please contact us.
• Very light servicing and maintenance
• Accuracy and repeatability of positioning to the nearest millimetre, even at maximum speed (depending on the stroke and how it is managed)
• High frequency with oil bath adaptation
• A wide choice of options and accessories
• Varied motorisation: electric, pneumatic or hydraulic

Products and Solutions

Stage technology
Solutions for industry
Lifts and cranes
Heavy industry
Automotive industry
Aerospace industry
Industry lifts
Other industries

Stage technology


QSX – Quick Seat eXchange

Stage Wagon System with SilentChain (SCT)

Telescopic stands


Solutions for industry



Heavy duty telescopic column

Vertical LinearBeam

QDX – quick die eXchange system

Telescopic Mast


The HD Lift lifting chain

The ChainLift lifting chain


Lifts and cranes



Vertical LinearBeam

Telescopic Mast


The ChainLift lifting chain