Aerospace industry

High requirements for precision and quality

The aeronautical and defence sectors have a very high level Total Quality approach. SERAPID’s 45 years of applied experience in industry, automotive, nuclear and medical has allowed it to acquire the skills needed to offer tailored solutions to solve complex load elevating or transfer tasks in specific environments using its Rigid Chain Technology (RCT).
SERAPID is capable of manufacturing lifting or positioning equipment that answers to the accurate requirements of these markets. For example, pulse lines for assembly at Airbus and Boeing, helicopter assembly, specific designed products embarked on submarines and cruise ships or Telescopic Mast systems.
The Telescopic Mast product is a telescopic self-guided lifting column, powered by a Rigid Chain actuator used for radar and surveillance systems for defence and homeland security, metrology and projector systems for aerospace and other special small footprint lift applications.
Clients of these industries are looking for features such as reliability, safety, compactness, repeatable and precise positioning for their actuator systems.
Installations must therefore be robust over time and be adapted to repeated use.


quick die exchange system

die trucks

actuators for vertical load transfer

actuators for horizontal load transfer

They trust SERAPID Technology: